Grow your business and your clients’ by creating micro-campaigns that amplify existing applications:   

  • Broaden your reach with solutions that can touch everyone in an organization.
  • Engage with prospective customers, current clients and employees more effectively
  • Enhance existing solutions with no-risk, non-invasive engagements – no installs, no downloads, no additional server resources needed
  • A perfect land and expand solution.  This is a great opportunity to continue to drive revenue from your existing client base
  • Provide a unique and competitive differentiator
  • Increase your solution’s ROI with a minimal investment on your part
  • Increase services revenue without the need to use your top consulting and technical resources.

Becoming a partner has never been easier!  The URUP platform offers pre-built templates that are easily tailored to meet your clients’ specific needs.  Fast Digital Jouneys is available to assist you at any step along the way.  As a partner, you will have all the benefits of the URUP platform! 

URUP is applicable for any size and type of company.  Our experience has been that once a company engages with us, they continuously envision other applications they would like to incorporate.  

We understand and are committed to our partner community.  Contact us today for more information!     

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